About Us

Our Mission

News Network envisions a nation where citizens are aware of their rights, enjoy freedom of expression, dignity of life and gender equality and where the media is free.

We promote democracy, freedom of press and expression, human rights, right to information and help media people improve their skills and encourage and equip women to take up journalism.

Our Goals

  • Strengthening democracy, human rights, independent media, environmental rights
  • Promote freedom of expression and freedom of press
  • Develop professional ability of journalists
  • Support and encourage young women to take up journalism as their profession
  • Promote investigative journalism and reduce impunity of crime against journalists and human rights defenders (HRDs)
  • Promote digital security and physical safety of media people, HRDs and CSOs
  • Promote activities to face the challenges of climate change and global warming, disaster management and poverty alleviation
  • Promote women empowerment, gender equality and combating violence against women
  • Promote religious freedom, social inclusiveness of marginal people, rights of the religious minority and ethnic community people
  • Sensitise media people on crucial social and national issues
  • Promote access to justice and right to information (RTI)
  • Improve capacity of media people, HRDs and CSOs to protect and promote democracy, human rights, women’s and girls’ rights, child right, good governance, transparency and accountability
  • Building teenagers as good citizen
  • Conduct research, study, case investigation and in-depth reporting
  • Organise dialogues, seminars, and discussion meetings on issues of national importance