Development Programme for the Women Journalists

Project period: 30 September 2012 – 29 September 2013
Funded by: The American Center, Dhaka

This was a 12-month project. Objectives of the project was to encourage the young women to choose journalism as profession and promote gender equality in journalism profession in Bangladesh.

Under the project 20 young women graduates were awarded six-month fellowship on practical journalism. Senior journalists working for national and international news media, and experts were engaged to build up their courage and improve professional ability. Fellows were selected from across the country. The fellowship included 3-month in-house training and 3-month internship in major newspapers and TV Channels.

After in-house training the fellows were attached to the country’s major news media houses for doing a three-month internship. In each house there was a mentor to look after the fellows’ activities, performance and provided necessary advices for their development. Most of those fellows are now working in different media as journalists.