Dear Friends and Colleagues,
eNewsletter is a new effort of News Network , a leading non-profit media support organisation of Bangladesh, to share information and initiatives around the world, as it envisages a nation where citizens are aware of their rights, enjoy freedom of expression, dignity of life, gender equality and free media.
Since its inception in 1994, it has implemented a good number of projects across Bangladesh with assistance from national and international funding organisations. But, we need to move further.
In the last two decades, Bangladesh media have got more pluralised expanding its outreach from cities to remote areas. People are getting more information than any time before thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. But, we still have to go a long way, as freedom of press, freedom of expression, and gender equality in the media are yet to reach the desired level.

News Network seeks greater cooperation and support from the international organisations an

d donors concerned to keep its ongoing drive afloat, particularly in improving the professional capacity of journalists working from remote areas, where 80 percent people live; the safety of journalists, promoting more women in journalism, sensitising journalists on crucial issues to combat violence against women and child/forces marriage, promoting democracy and human rights, dealing with climate changes, water management and alleviating poverty.

You can directly reach me through the following address:
Shahiduzzaman, Editor & CEO, News Network