Education Programme for Harijan Children

Supported by: Anne Frank- Fonds 
Project period: July 2008 – 2013

The project was initiated in 2008 under the assistance of Anne Frank-Fonds, a Swiss based donor agency, and completed successfully. News Network started the project with a view to supporting the educational needs of the Harijan Children. Two elementary schools have been set up in Bogra city, a northern district of the country. About 40 children were enrolled in each of the school. Due to lack of funding the school were shut down after five years. But it was very effective to help develop and educate the Harijan children because their access to education were limited in the society.

Harijans are the poorest segment of the poor, deprived of most of the social privileges such as education, healthcare, sanitation and safe water. The exact size of the Harijan population in Bangladesh is not known. But it is likely to be several thousand scattered across the country.