Capture-4The topic of the 2017 Citizen Media Award was chosen parallel to the slogan of the then just mentioned upcoming year. Citizen media make people from all over the world more sensitive for a global association and an active engagement. With the announcement and choice of topic the supporters and sponsors of the Award want to inspire citizens to produce and broadcast TV and radio products concerning the topic “Cultural Heritage”.

Thereby, the focus is on the topic, the quality of the medial implementation, the authenticity, the pertinence of research and the originality. The characteristics of the productions get adequate consideration by the jury.

The winners of the International Citizen Media Award will be awarded on Saturday the 6th May 2017 in the Citizen Media Centre Bennohaus (Münster, Germany). The award show will take place in the scope of this event. Private producers of non-commercial audiovisual products have the chance to send in their submissions in the categories video and audio until the 28th February 2017.

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