Media Development Programme

Project period: Jan 2011 – December 2013
Supported by: Free Press Unlimited

The project was launched to support the development of professional ability of journalists working from remote districts, and provide fellowship on journalism to young women journalists to build up a pool of female journalists’ trainers in Bangladesh. Accordingly, the project trained up about 104 journalists, working from remote areas. Of them 50 were male and 54 were female participants. Apart from skill development training, journalists were given better understanding on ethical issues of journalism, duties and professional responsibility, and sensitised on importance of accuracy of information, governance, poverty, gender equality, human rights and media’s role to combat violence against humanity etc. Under the project a residential Training of Trainers was also conducted for 12 women journalists, working for mainstream media, and awarded a three-month fellowship on journalism to 15 female journalism.

Besides, Free Press Unlimited organised two workshops for staff capacity building of News Network that helped the staff for planning, implementing and evaluating the programme activities properly.