November 05, 2020

Advocacy training for rural human rights defenders
NOVEMBER 05, 2020 ISSUE 02
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Advocacy training for rural human rights defenders working for protecting women rights
A training session on the issue organized in Rangpur, a northern divisional headquarters of Bangladesh. Eminent human rights expert Rekha Saha conducting the training.
News Network has undertaken an initiative to train up human rights defenders on advocacy and lobbying to protect women’s and girls’ rights. Supported by the European Union the objective of the training is to build up the capacity of human rights defenders and involve them in activities like advocacy, negotiation, lobbying, litigation, strategies of change, research, monitoring, documentation and reporting about women's and girls’ rights and impunity. The activity will be implemented in eight districts, most of which are situated along with Bangladesh and India international border line where women and girls are often becoming victims of human rights violation, including force marriage and child marriage, trafficking, gender-based violence, abuse and sexual harassment. At the same time, human rights defenders in those areas are not well organised. Most of them don’t have enough understanding and ability for advocacy to protect women rights. Consequently, many incidents remain unreported.
Group photos of the participate journalists
A recent survey found, on an average more than 80 percent of respondents have no access to the documents on legal and advocacy technique and knowledge. To change the situation News Network successfully organised the defenders in each of those districts, which are called district level caucus (DLC). The defenders are local news reporters, media gatekeepers including publishers, editors, executive editor and news editors, and members of civil society and religious leaders. By this time these DLC members formed a central caucus also known as Bangladesh Human Rights Defenders Forum (BHRDF). About 1000 defenders including male and females will be drawn to be trained up. A pool of country’s eminent experts has been engaged for capacity building of the defenders.
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