Supported by: Counterpart International
Project period: 2023

News Network has signed a contract with the Counterpart International, aiming to improve the capacity of media people with a view to promoting advocacy and rights, particularly the issues related to good gov ernance, environmental pollution, urbanization and social inclusion of marginalized people. The programme, under the contract, will cover the capital city Dhaka and southern divisional city Khulna. Targeted beneficiaries will be mid-career journalists working for print and electronic media. The project, ‘Promoting Advocacy and Rights’ is funded by the USAID

The activities include making journalists aware of the programme and its impact, improving their understanding, professional ability and encouraging them to report on the issues. It will also help to increase CSOs engagement to promote and protect rights and effective public services through media reporting. Eventually, the beneficiary of the actions are the mass people. This will also contribute value to achieve the country’s sustainable development goals (SDGs); 11, 14, 15, 16. **