Supported by Internews
Period: 2023

News Network is implementing a project titled, ‘Strengthening Capacity of Media to Promote Democracy’ in several districts across the country with the support of Internews, an international media support nonprofit organization.

The main objective of this project is to enhance the capacity of national, regional, and local journalists for maintaining highest ethical standard, accuracy, and objectivity to promote democracy and good governance in the country.

The programme will add great value to each of local and national elections, particularly holding the upcoming national election in a free and fair manner. Its key activities include developing a group of trainers and train up journalists on election reporting. About 420 journalists, working for print and electronic media will be befitted from the project. Journalists will also be sensitized on electoral process, rules and regulations, role of election commission and the state of holding a free and fair elections, responsibilities of media and ethical issues of reporting.