Group photo of the participants journalists, guests and organisers

News Network with the support from European Union has organised several training programmes on professional risk analysis and security planning for news reporters and media gatekeepers, including editors, executive editors and news editors. The issue of safety for journalists is a major concern and the risks factors are likely to increase as the country approaches to a national election. Most journalists were not well aware of their safety issues and many of them took part in such trainings for the first time. Its aims were to raise understanding on risk, safety and security of journalists so they can protect themselves against violence, attack, threats and actions. Around 200 news reporters, working for local and national print and electronic media and 40 local media gatekeepers were trained under the programme. The trainings were held in Rangpur, Dinajpur, Satkhira and Jashore from September to November 2018. #JournalistsRiskAnalysisSecurityPlanning